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Accepting studies and studying in Turkish universities

Accepting studies and studying in Turkish universities

Accepting studies and studying in Turkish universities in different levels and disciplines has been the attention and welcome of many Iranians in recent years. Turkish university degrees are highly prestigious and make it easier for Iranians to apply and study in European and American universities.

Studying in Turkish universities is possible in both English and Turkish languages. The high quality of education and the low cost of studying and living in Turkey are the main reasons for Iranians' interest in studying in Turkey.


Studying in Turkish universities

The suitable geographical conditions and placement between the continents of Asia and Europe, along with the scientific rank and high educational quality of various universities in Turkey, have made many students study in this country as a smooth path for academic progress and continuing their education in prestigious universities in the world. to know In addition, the most important advantages of admission to Turkish universities can be stated as follows:

  • The placement of Turkish universities among the top 50 universities in the world
  • Admission of international students in more than 200 Turkish universities in various fields
  • Existence of scholarships for foreign students (including tuition fees, accommodation, insurance and travel)
  • The possibility of studying in Turkish and English
  • Global validity of degrees awarded by Turkish universities
  • High variety of study programs
  • Ease of obtaining a visa and study residence in Türkiye
  • Proximity to Iran
  • The low cost of studying in Türkiye compared to studying in European countries
  • Low cost of living and staying in Türkiye
  • Part-time work permit for international students

Study conditions in Türkiye

Studying in Turkey for foreigners starts from elementary school and continues until doctorate and post-doctorate. People in Turkey study for 4 years in elementary school, 4 years in middle school, and 4 years in high school, and then enter university to study at the undergraduate level.

The educational programs designed in the universities of Turkey are highly diverse and it is possible to continue studying in this country for all fields of study at all levels.

You can apply for study admission in more than 200 public and private universities in Turkey in your favorite field.


To enter Turkish universities, you must have a diploma and prepare other documents according to the specific conditions of each university. It may be necessary to participate in the university entrance exam or language test and get a passing grade.

Age requirements are one of the most important factors in Türkiye's academic admission. Students can be up to 21 years old (in public universities) for undergraduate studies, this condition is up to 31 years for master's degree and up to 45 years for doctoral degree.

In most universities in Turkey, the length of the bachelor's course is 4 years and the master's course is 2 years. Obtaining a doctorate degree takes at least 4 years, and during this period, the student must pass the necessary courses and tests to obtain the qualification to defend the doctoral thesis.

Banasur consultants and experts will help you and be by your side in all stages of application and admission to Turkish universities.

Some universities in Turkey have participated in student transfer programs to European and American universities, therefore applicants to study in Turkey can participate in these programs by completing a certain number of study program units in Turkey and the universities of this country make it a launching pad to European and American universities.

Language test for study admission in Türkiye


Proficiency in the Turkish language will increase your chances of being accepted to study. Of course, even without a language certificate, you can get conditional admission in some universities and participate in the free Turkish language courses organized by the university and get the degree requested by the university.

Necessary documents for registration in Turkish universities

One of the most necessary conditions that applicants to universities in Turkey usually face is the documents requested by the universities.

If applicants have obtained a diploma of the old system in Iran, they must bring their pre-university degree, pre-university transcripts, diploma and diploma transcripts.

If applicants for associate and bachelor degrees of the new system must bring the original diploma and diploma transcripts with them.

Applicants for postgraduate degrees must bring transcripts and the original bachelor's degree for admission and registration.

For doctoral degree applicants, transcripts and the original of the master's degree are necessary, and a better introduction letter and resume increase the student's chances of acceptance.


Document translation process

The documents submitted for the university at the associate and bachelor level must be translated in Iran. First, the document is translated by Dar al-Tarjmeh and the judicial seal is put on it.

Then the documents are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval, and after being stamped and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, the documents are sent to the Turkish Embassy in Iran for final approval and are sealed. Here, the process of document translation in Iran is completed and the documents are sent to Turkey.

For postgraduate degrees and above, the documents can be translated in Turkey as well, which means there is no need for translation inside Iran.

Denklik or degree equivalence in Türkiye

The certificate of equivalency of educational qualifications of foreign students is called Meb by the Turkish Ministry of Education for elementary to high school and Yök for university degrees.

In many cases, people who intend to continue studying or even work in Turkey